Künstliche Intelligenz für regionale Medienunternehmen – Fünf spannende Links

Artificial intelligence for regional media enterprises – Five exciting links

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The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making giant strides. It feels like there are new developments, applications, and use cases coming out every week. Yet the question remains: Does any of it of practical use for regional media enterprises? And how can we find out more about AI?

I’d like to share a couple of interesting links I discovered on my own personal AI journey.

  • 1.AI for the regional advertising market

The regional advertising market is known for its diverse customer base with erratic booking behavior. Because marketers have tons of data available to them from advertising statistics and booking indicators, a number of AI applications based on machine learning is conceivable. Schickler Consulting has developed an application that analyzes booking behavior and uses dashboards to inform sales associates of the risk scores of “their” customers. www.schickler.de

  • 2. KI-Showroom

The Artificial Intelligence Center Hamburg e.V. (ARIC) with offices at Dockland/Nordakademie has opened a showroom designed to make artificial intelligence visible and tangible. It has various exhibits in the field of AI, such as e.g., a virtual doorman or a delivery robot and demonstrates how companies and administrators are already using AI. Its offerings do not just focus on media applications, but also showcase live AI presentations in very different areas. I signed up here to a tour.

  • 3. Salesforce study on AI in CRM

Commissioned by Salesforce, Forrester Consulting presented a strategy paper in August 2021 that introduced the trends for a modern CRMS system based on a survey of over 2,000 professionals and managers. The starting point of their considerations is the assumption that a positive customer experience has a measurable impact on customer loyalty and profit.

CRM systems, according to Forrester, should not only map the past. The study views AI-supported automation of CRM systems as the single most important application of the next two years. Almost 80% of all companies want to automate customer interaction with the help of AI and free their employees of simple, regularly recurring tasks. Please find more information: here.

  • 4. Basics: Chatbots

Many AI use cases relate to the mass market in the B2C segment. In contrast, the motto in the B2B marketing business is “the better and the higher the quality of the customer relationship, the more personal the interaction”. It thus makes sense to check whether and where automation ideas can be implemented in the marketing business because there is a growing desire also among customers to reduce interaction overhead or to be able to have access to information 24/7.

In perspective, chatbots, for example, can make searching for information in marketing simpler. A good overview of the story and the use of chatbots can be found here (in German): here.

  • 5. Der Mediendemonstrator des MedienNetzwerkes Bayern

The MedienNetzwerk Bayer worked with game developer WastedStudios to develop the Media Demonstrator, a virtual reality application, that tests innovative content formats for the car of the future. Using voice and gesture control, the new audio formats can be tested in the virtual vehicle interior. The first showcase is an interactive radio drama mystery. For more information, go here.

Yours, Jutta Gottschalk

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