Why have we actually started a blog now? 


There are countless audio blogs and even numerous blogs about audio and the world of radio in general. In "speaking of audio", however, I want to specifically focus on the business models that this wonderful medium audio is based on.
There is so much to say and discuss about this multi-faceted and exciting industry. First and foremost, about audio-based business models as well as new trends and developments. But also, about in-depth questions, for example, the use of audio at the point-of-sale and convergence in the mapping of cross-media advertising campaigns.

And also, about general topics of the future of the audio branch relevant to the business such as digital transformation, the connection between linear and digital media or programmatic enhancement of the medium “audio”.

In a nutshell, I want to use my blog "speaking of audio" to direct the attention of as many readers as possible towards this new economic sector and keep them up to date on the News and Facts of the industry. I want to expand the circle of audio fans and at the same time provide a platform for an open exchange of opinions, for example, through contributions by guest authors.

The opinions expressed may be quite controversial. Why not? We are enriched by other perspectives. And we learn from them.

Let's get going. I hope you find what you read interesting and look forward to a lively discussion.


Yours, Nico Aprile

Managing Director of aprile consulting GmbH

Managing Director of amily GmbH