Nico Aprile

has been working in the advertising and media sector for over 25 years. His focus is on strategic consulting, designing, and developing new business models and system solutions, specifically in the audio branch. He founded the companies aprile consulting GmbH (2007), amily GmbH , adremes GmbH & Co. KG (2014) and StreaMonkey (2018). Nico Aprile is a certified system consultant, a consultant for organizational development, and a professional coach. He completed his doctorate as an engineer for telecommunications and satellite technology at the University of Bari in Italy and has lived in Germany since 1992.

Jutta Gottschalk

Independent management consultant in the area of digital transformation and change management for media and public administration. Previously worked as division manager Media and Campaign Management in national radio marketing and project manager for digital transformation in VHF marketing, media planner at one of the large agency networks, management assistant in publishing. She also worked as consultant for public administration on digitization, virtual management and Work 4.0.

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Andrea Anders

Marketing and sales manager for many years at major media publishers, responsible at amily for product development, consulting, project management and sales. Although Andrea Anders also has relevant experience in other media forms, her heart is in classic radio. Over the past 30 years, she has held executive positions in marketing and sales, among other places at OK Radio, Radio Hamburg, and last at VMG Verlags- und Medien GmbH & Co. KG in Magdeburg with the stations SAW, Rockland and 20 web radio stations.

Andrea Heidrich Foto_SW
Andrea Heidrich

has been Managing Director of RIG Radio Innovations GmbH since the fall of 2020 together with Christian Stögmüller (Managing Director of Life Radio in Upper Austria). RIG in its current structure was previously Radioplayer Österreich GmbH for five years for which Andrea Heidrich served as project manager for four years. RIG functions as an innovation developer for technology developments owned and operated for private radio in Austria. Radioplayer Österreich in conjunction with Radioplayer Worldwide is also part of RIG and is also represented by Andrea Heidrich as country manager. At the same time, Heidrich was furthermore head of marketing for 13 years at kronehit, the largest private radio station in Austria. In addition to her duties as managing director, she continues to serve in an advisory capacity as a marketing consultant for kronehit.

Juliane Henze

A passionate media expert on marketing with a special focus on audio for over 30 years. After working at IP Germany and building up RMS in Germany, Austria, and Poland, independent consultant in Hamburg. From the very first hour of the genre organization Radiozentrale, a radio advertising bureau, as a freelance project manager close to the topic of audio in all its facets. From congress organization for the Radio Advertising Summit to membership in the World Radio Alliance. Lecturer for marketing and media management.

Ferid Darigh

Seit über 25 Jahren ist Ferid Darigh im deutschen Audiomarkt aktiv. Seit Mai 2017 bietet er sein Know-how als Marketingberater Radiosendern und Podcast-Publishern an, u.a. BB Radio und Radio TEDDY in Berlin/ Brandenburg, die Radio Kombi Baden-Württemberg und die RPR. Kombi in Rheinland-Pfalz sowie die Podcast Angebote der Julep Media. Davor war Darigh nationaler Verkaufsleiter für die Radiosender radio SAW und ROCKLAND und viele Jahre stellvertretender Büroleiter beim großen nationalen Audiovermarkter RMS.

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