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Durch die Stärkung des Innendienstes Umsatzpotenziale heben Dank klaren Aufgaben, gemeinsamem Upselling und Wertschätzung

Boost sales opportunities by strengthening the back office

What sales manager hasn’t had to deal with the following situation? A potential advertising client calls the radio station and requests information or offer documents and just happens to mention sending a query by email several days previously, but, unfortunately, still hasn’t received a response.
Die Renaissance der klassischen Medien

The Renaissance of Classic Media

As much as the Covid-19 crisis has brought much of the economy and thus also advertising business to its knees, it is also interesting to note that the same crisis has now put of all things the classic media back into spotlight of advertisers.

In the blog posts of the past few weeks and months we have focused intensely and at length on the main topics in audio, and we are happy to note that the feedback has been very positive. A number of you, however, also wanted shorter texts or summaries to get the gist of what we have to say faster, for busy radio professionals and managers.